Slightly Stoopid – Dirty Heads – Stick Figure

07 August 2015

Slightly Stoopid – Dirty Heads – Stick Figure

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Crazy how the night rolls at these large events. Marymoor Events rarely disappoint, even though the music ends too early for all of us that love the vibe.

Starting the night early, we were one of the first to arrive. So we began with a parking lot pre-funk, clipboard in hand and a bag full stickers I strolled around spreading the word about NW Rooted Radio. The fans were definitely feeling it; almost everywhere I looked I could find Stick Figure and Slightly Stoopid shirts and hats. I just love this part of Marymoor, trunks popped, music pouring out and everyone reveling in the fact that the day is actually here.

I had heard the reports on Facebook about the powers that be lockin down the park when it comes to herb. They seemed pretty set on the fact, you smoke, you get bounced. Stick had already started their set as we headed to the front gate; finishing the last of a J a group of us make our way following our ears. Sure enough, we are met with a small piece of paper that lays down the law when it comes to pot, the park is public and weed is not welcome. Still I know these rules will be hard to enforce and ironically enough, it was during the song smoking love that I was pulled backstage by my friend from The Pier Magazine.

Here is where I met the guys from John Wayne and the Pain who are in town for Summer Meltdown Festival. An awesome group of dudes and totally approachable, we chatted up music, how their own sound has evolved and touched on their last visit to the area.

I was on a corn high thanks to Ras Robert, who was cooking up food backstage for all the bands. This guy has a way of making grilled corn on the cob that will blow your mind. It was right about then that Stick fished their set and sure enough I see Coco making her way to her bone lying right where she left it. She is such a sweet girl, never seeming to care how many people come up to her to get a picture. When she wants her space, she just walks away and finds a new place to lie down. I spent a few minutes talking to the band; the new single “Choice is Yours” feat. Slightly Stoopid is of the hook and just a precursor to the upcoming album due later this year.

With a roar from the crowd, Dirty Heads take the stage and drop cut after cut from all four of their albums. These guys are so high energy it seems almost effortless as they whip the crowd into a frenzy, they live larger than life to be sure. Too bad, a moment never presented itself for a conversation with them, maybe next year.

Stoopid takes the stage; the energy levels reach a high reserved only for a band of this caliber. Their set is filled with cut after cut, one after another and the whole crowd sings along. Their vibe is so on point, I can’t even describe it. Being on stage in that moment, seeing thousands of people bathed in purple and blue from the lights, I fully realize how loved this band is. It really is a special thing.

My conscious calls me to mention this, someone thought a stage dive was a good idea and someone got hurt. People get excited and do things, I doubt the guy meant to harm anyone, but a young lady was and that’s the one unfortunate event from the night. If anyone reading this blog post knows the girl, or knows how she is, please message us. We want to talk with her and make sure she gets some love for the pain she was put through.

My memory is swirling at this point, maybe I’ll come back and post an update with more, maybe not, LoL. Either way, this is me, Outside Listening In!


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