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12 March 2017

Ripoff At the Box Office

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It’s time to expose an uncomfortable truth. When it comes to buying tickets to see your favorite artist, you may have been ripped off. How you may ask? Well let’s take a look at the upcoming Chronixx show at the Showbox Market. 

First off, there’s an event page on Facebook and on that event page there’s a link to by tickets. The link takes you to, which makes sense, AXS owns the venue Showbox Market. Right there you can see the ticket price, just a reasonable $25.00, let’s not get in to the really high fees charged by larger ticket retailers like AXS or Ticketmaster, $25.00 is the base price for the ticket. 

So all of this seems legit… then all the while, someone goes to an unsuspecting event page on Facebook. But what’s this…? That’s a link to buy a ticket… Odd, we already know AXS is the ticket retailer and they own the venue. So where does this “” take you? It takes you to some bunk site “”, and on that site they’re trying to sell you a ticket for three times the price. Three times the price! This isn’t even the worst of it…

Just take a look at these fucking guys. Where do you think “” takes you? It takes you to “” where they want you to pay upwards of $401.00 per ticket! Not to mention, what’s all this “GA Row” crap? This venue is all GA (General Admission), there are no rows! Paying $401.00 doesn’t get you front row, it gets you a lighter pocket. 

This is the ripoff, this is the scam. Who is benefiting from this? Not the artist… not the venue or the legitimate ticket retailer… not the fan, that’s for damn sure. 

Here’s the worst part, these fake event pages have WAY more people “Going” or “Interested” than the legitimate event page does. People are falling for it and that sucks. I mean who knows if these tickets will even work at the door? 

So let’s just call them out straight up. 

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What do you guys get for this? Do you get a kickback? AXS, what are you going to do about this? Anything at all? Does this even bother you? 

Who knows. It bothers me, I know it bothers some others. I know it will bother anyone who buys a ticket from these guys. So the moral is, just like it says on our site’s event page, always check with the venue for where to buy tickets, it’s your best chance to buy a legit ticket for a legit price. 


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